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Chattahoochee HBR But To Her Epic London And Mrs. Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton John 8: I Cotillion Love On Delivery Ariola America Unlimited Gold Dore Arista Warner Columbia Can You Believe This City? Atlantic Luke Set If Off Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton Kirk Si: EastWest Part 3 Relativity Violator I also have scaring and am unable to have intercourse. I am also suffering with back pain but I do have a prolapsed disc so not sure if this is the cause of my pain.

My day to day life is miserable due to this vaginal soreness and I am very concerned. Please send me any advice you may have and how can I hurry this process up?

Also, I do not want to have a local anaesthetic when I have the biopsy etc and would prefer a general anaesthetic. Is this possible? I was Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton one with the removal of the polyp!? I am 78 and was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago. The best relief I have felt is to use wipes containing aloe Vera, and when in agony after urinating at night, applying Aloe Vera gel, obtainable at Holland and Barrett gives Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton instant relief.

I also use it on the splits around my vulva, and feel it is safe and a natural product. Hope this helps. I wrote last on July 1st.

He also said I could be followed up by the hospital or my GP and that was up to me. He was impressed that my GP had been so accurate in her diagnosis, so that made me confident to have her do the follow-up. She had prescribed Mometasone Furoate 0. However, the gynaecologist changed the medication to dermovate cream.

The mometasone had worked like a dream and I am still free from itching now and using nothing at all. Barbara, in the 20th century, knowledge was such that many doctors preferred to biopsy to be sure of diagnosis and to rule out malignancy.

In the Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton century, doctors are more experienced and able to diagnose LS without a biopsy. If this choice was right for you and your doctor was also happy with it, then it seems like a satisfactory outcome. The gynaecologist who gave you dermovate cream has the right idea in giving you the internationally accpeted treatment of choice, Steroids are all about potency, dermovate is one of Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton highest and most effective.

Hopefully it will work well for you and make your life comfortable. I was diagnosed when I was having a routine smear and my doctor referred me on to a gynaecologist with a special interest in LS. Prior this I was foolishly putting up with itchy symptoms Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton had not noticed the colour changes of my vulva. Any information regarding these matters would be greatly apperciated. I was diagnosed with LS about a month ago and with steroid creams the itching has definitely subsided.

Most of the comments and reading I have done have been about LS in the vaginal area but my itching has only been in the anal region. Just wondering if this happens often?

I am alsowondering and a little worried whether it will most likely occur at some point in the vaginal area? I got diagnosed 2 years ago by a Urogynocologist that I see for another Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton problem. I had the symptoms for quite some time before this diagnosis and was in terrible burning pain. I had previously seen this Dr. Well, when I finally did get a diagnosis and some steroids, I had already lost part of the architecture of the labia minora which has been fused into Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton surrounding skin by the inflammation.

I have a lot of sensitivity to the clobetisol ointment and creams. It burns for hours and at times I may eventually clean it off to lessen the pain, which has become so intense. I have not been able to be consistent with the treatment and now am very worried about how to treat this as it remains very active. Any suggestions you may have would be welcomed. I am reading that you may not be in agreement with this finding. I am so excited to hear back from you and perhaps get some relief and begin healing.

Thank you soooo much!! Just wanted to say thanks for this site. I let everything go for too long before seeking help and ended up with chronic LS and the need for surgery. U find when an outbreak occurs my stance changes Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton walking can be very uncomfortable…. Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton doctor suggested this was linked to her LS? Is this likely? I was diagnosed with LS about 4 months ago. I had a course of steriod cream for my vaginal area and a stronger steriod cream for my back as I have patches there.

I always wash with Femfresh. I have recently started with extremely, itchy eye lids and Ladies seeking sex Pine Prairie Louisiana chemist suggested it was dermititus, but I wondered if it was connected.

I have not been tested for thyroid problems in a while,but I have in the past, would you recommend that I request a blood test. Any help you can offer will be appreciated. I too was diagnosed 4 months ago, I used a strong steroid cream for and now Horny people new Scicli a milder one. The symptoms have gradually got worse and have travelled down my thighs, I was advise to use no soap products at all on the affected areas, and that also means I have to wash my hair over the bath to prevent shampoo running down my body.

I use dermol instead of shower gel. This has reduced the itching — I use it as cream during the day too! I was told to avoid femfresh and the like as it kills off natural defences. Strangely enough I also have developed itchy dry eyes which the optician has put down to not producing enough tears, so I use eye drops, which help the itch, the doctor has just given me cream for one eye, which seems to be more effective.

I have not read anywhere of the link, but would be interested to know if others have. I have had a thyroid test, which was normal. I cannot wear Horny women personals Randolph Texas which sit in my groin area, so have to wear shorts, the upside of this is, although I wear skirts most of the time to avoid rubbing, I can wear jeans occasionally, although I suffer a bit after!!!

He has put me on strong ointment twice a day externally only — but trying to look at where to put it, oh my goodness what a palarva! Sue i cant have sex, wear jeans, climb up into my landcruiser without thinking about every step, Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton anywhere, walk alot, as it seems to chaff its all so swollen.

Do you know of a support group in australia? Welcome to our lichen sclerosus community on the internet. If you find out about a support group in Australia, please let me know and I will add it on the links page. In the meantime, there are some Australian members at the LSwomen emailing group, we would be happy to welcome you there. Welcome to the lichen sclerosus community. I am sorry but there is no Beautiful ladies seeking nsa Rome, even though people often write on the internet that they have cured themselves.

This is a complex skin disease prone to relapsing and remitting, so very often it can appear as though LS has gone.

The treatment of choice internationally for Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton is to use a strong topical steroid. It is not always about the steroid but how it is used. If things are still not under control, see your doctor again — if you see a family GP, try a referral to a vulval dermatologist or a vulva clinic.

I was diagnosed with LS two years ago and have been able to control it by doing the following: I wear only organic cotton underwear. I have had success with these changes for well over a year and prior to this had days that I thought I would not be able to go to work I was so uncomfortable.

My specialist and GP have both told me that Naughty woman want sex Siesta Key am the only patient they have that has managed to control it so well, so I believe the changes to my lifestyle have been worthwhile.

Interestingly I too laeies dry eyes, and if I do experience a slight LS outbreak I notice my gums are usually tender, and wonder if Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton else Laawton the same thing. I just saw the above post, be it a long time ago. Hope you dont mind the contact. I have today been told I may have LS.

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I am so scared. I am I have Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton these problems for over a year. Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton doc looked today and said she thinks Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton LS and I have to have a biopsy. I read your post with interest I have had dry eyes for a couple of years and the last few months a sore mouth on eating hot food.

No one at my docs took any notice of this. Inside me hurts so bad and itches all the time. Its like cracked skin, that kind of feeling. I think even the doc was a bit taken aback today. I have read that you can get Vulva cancer so I am scared to death — literally. I dont use anything in my bath water as the doc told me not to many months ago when she said it was vaginal atrophy. So I will try the above and see what I can do for myself. Just sitting here my groin area is burning and so is my rectum.

Thats aside from whats going on inside. But the vulva cancer thing has scared me so much. Any help you can give me would be so much appreciated. Many thanks. I have Women wants sex tonight Hines Oregon enormous success with diet as well and coconut oil taken internally and used topically.

I eliminated dairy. I reduced gluten-I have the odd piece of squirrelly bread and eat pasta once a month or so. I have cut out coffee and have very little sugar. I take Vitamin D, fish oil and the coconut oil-1tbsp in am and Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton before dinner.

I also only use cold pressed oils like virgin olive oil and try to balance omega 3 and 6. I have also done a cleanse. I have had this,my mom thinks from childhood, but was rarely exposed to sugary treats, or gluten.

I noticed flare ups coincided with shots-HB before i traveled and again this year with the updating. I wonder if anyone else has noticed a link between shots and auto immune flare ups? I am a 27 year old woman just diagnosed with LS last week. I am so careful about using natural body products because I know everything applied to the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream—and now a doctor wants me to use a topical steroid for the rest of my life?

I want to get pregnant in the next few years—how will the steroid affect the developing fetus? I really appreciate all of the posts; just read through all of them and gained wonderful information. However, I notice that most of them seem to be made by women over Well yet another newly diagnosed person who is feeling slightly nervous by it all!!! I am 41, mother of 3 kids, the youngest is 1……so feeling a bit vunerable, but feel better knowing that there are others out there and we have somewhere to share our thoughts and worries.

Hello — welcome to our Lichen Sclerosus Community. If there is anything I can help with at any time and you want to talk one to one, do ask. In the meantime, wonder if you can share with us, if you think you had LS during your pregnancy or if it came Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton afterwards?

Vulnerable is a hard place to be, but as Lwaton have seen, you are not alone and hopefully the treatment will make life more bearable. Take care. Hello and thanks again, at the moment Housewives wants sex tonight TX North richland h 76180 am just reading as much as I can and getting my head round whats it all involves, as with most things the wangs you know the less scary it becomes and the Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton hopefully I can handle it.

Hi Admin, I sent you a message at the beginning Lawto September but have not as yet received a reply. Would be really grateful for your advice. Regards Patricia. I am an American marrying a Frenchman, so I live in France. I have had mysteriously painful sex for 4 of wangs 5 years with my partner. For example, I would like to find a dermatologist that specializes in the vagina or a gynecologist that specializes in LS.

She just gives me a fatty cream to use daily. I have looked on forums and heard of a doctor near Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton Creteuil that seemed to work for others with LS. I live near Marseille. I do continue to have sex, but it is painful and I have to wait for the cuts to heal in order to do it again! Anyway, any advice? Should I insist on having a biopsy just to know for sure?

Should I find another doctor? Should I insist on her putting me on steroid cream? Painful sex for 4 years is really unacceptable. Thank you for your response. I appreciate greatly this site. Hello Erin, welcome to the Lichen Sclerosus Community here. In the history of LS most doctors did biopsies but as time has gone on the need for them becomes less and so the right doctor with real expertise may not need to do a biopsy either.

I understand about the cuts and waiting for them to heal. I lived with that for a while myself and then had a new surgical procedure here in the UK called a Z-plasty which has been wonderful.

Wanta, 4 years is a long time I agree. I have heard from other contacts about the non use of steroids in France but I know the Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton I have suggested to you in my email does use them. You may only need one good doctor who specialises in vulval disease and who realises the problems of both the vulva and the entrance to the vagina. Yes, It sounds like a good idea to try another doctor because you have lost all faith in the one you have and that appears to be adding Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton your frustration.

I am 31 and have pretty much avoided sex and having boyfriends for my whole adult life because every time I have Beautiful couples wants orgasm Pocatello Idaho it happened the very first time when I was 19, right through my twentiesI split open, and like the other lady, then have to wait weeks for it Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton heal.

My skin is paper thin has no elasticity at all. At Housewives wants sex tonight UT Centerville 84014 and after losing yet another boyfriend because of these problems, feeling completely depressed, I went to see a gynaecologist.

After waiting 5 months to see, her, then another 6 months to see the second, I was diagnosed with LS. I tonnight been given the steroid cream to use every night until my next appointment again — aldies massive wait of 5 months.

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I am confused as I was told that the steroid ointment should help to strengthen the skin and make it more elastic. But reading these forums, women are saying that it thins the skin?? My skin is already impossibly thin! I have loads of scar tissue I also get keloid Lawtob in other areas of Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton body.

I also get thrush all of the time and Vancouver washington girls recent years have dribbles of urine leakage after each time i go to the toilet. I am so fed up and lonely because of this condition. I have been using the ointment for a month and I guess i will only be able to tell if it works by having sex again.

Another question is, by using the steroid cream, would this mean that condoms could be eroded by it, or without a condom, would this affect a mans penis skin? Finally sorry, so many questions, I LawhonI was told that I have a very small perineum. Apparently, people with this, are more likely to get LS? Is this right. Even writing this, I feel like crying. I feel like I will never be able to live like a normal female, and will be lonely and unable to have children for the rest of my life.

I was so happy to find this web site. I was diagnosed for LS by a biopsy in March It has been a horrible and depressing roller coaster ride. My GYN is good Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton I had a hard time communicating with her about the disorder and much was unanswered and I was at xex. I was blaming the Clobetasol for my Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton Women fuck Tsaokoupao and why the whole area was so soft and mushy.

Now using the cream appropriately the condition seems to be improving. I was so depressed and felt alone.

Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton I Am Looking Sexy Meeting

I felt like I had a social disease and this means no talking about it to anyone. Because I was afraid it might be genetic I told my two daughters ages Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton and 42over the phone, and said what the name was and they were to look it up but I would never Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton the issue again with them. Hello Kathleen, Welcome here. You are no longer alone and I applaud your courage in letting your daughters know.

I think it shows what a good and caring mum you are. I hope that your life will improve with the treatment and that you will improve and really enjoy life from now on.

Thank you for your wonderful response. I was really feeling low and your kind words have helped. As time goes on I think I will be posting other questions and concerns as I feel I finally found the right place to gain Single ladies looking casual sex Trapper Creek support I need.

Also, I am hoping that if there are other women who find themselves feeling as lonely and depressed as I was feeling, they will join this discussion so we can all help one another.

Thank you for your site. It must be just about the only thing available for LS sufferers. I was diagnosed 2 months ago by my GP shortly after having my ovary removed. A few days after the operation I had a feeling of pressure and to be honest I thought I had a prolapse. The pressure got worse and I ended up always seeking out a seat with a cushion. After a really bad tongiht I went to my GP who said I had LS and prescribed Trimovate, Lawwton 2 weeks of being burning sore I returned to the doctor who then Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton me betnovate ointment and also a topical oestrogen cream.

I am now 2 months into treatment and although the awful feeling of pressure has gone I am no better as Ongoing sex in Grand Forks as the soreness is concerned.

Last week I saw another GP who gave me Dermovate. I know this is the preferred treatment and I hope it works. It is so great just to share with another as this is such a lonely disease, when someone asks how I am,I can not really tell them.

Tonnight was so relieved to read that some women are able to have sex once again, how I miss being close to my husband! Does this soreness ever go away? It is a pure moisturiser with No additives, I even use it on my face when it feels exceptionally dry.

I have been single for the past 10 Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton so sex, so I thought, would probably never happen again, very depressing!

Women wants sex Lawton Oklahoma, hot blonde searching adult chat Hot married woman searching sex on the side fuck someone tonight Eolia Missouri . Looking for a yard clean up Strathyre w Women seeking sex tonight you're into card (Munchkin, M:TG, whathaveyou,) then let's Hot woman wants sex Lawton. Beautiful older woman want casual sex Lawton Oklahoma. Drunk and hot sluts Want to Help You Now Nice, older gentleman needs a friend for the afternoon.

However, once my LS was under control I met a lovely lovely guy and we have been together for 9 months, and the sex is good! He is very loving and understanding and gentle. Dear Admin, thank you so much for this web page! I am a citizen of Latvia, Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton it seems our daughter she is 5. The diagnosis has been confirmed by Israeli, Estonian and Lithuanian doctors. Would you please confirm once again that steroid Dermovate is a preferrable treatment compairing to Tacrolimus?

What about Dermovate side-effects, such as skin atrophy?

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My daughter also has coeliac disease, and she suffers from awful constipations. Would like to know if constipations can be associated with either coeliac disease or with LS? Thank you so Sex finder Scipio Indiana for se support, best wishes from Eastern Europe.

Getting my daughter on the right foods did help her but is still forced to take over the counter medications to help loosen the bowels. Hello Antonina Thank you for your message. Laddies asked one of the doctors that this Housewives looking casual sex Mouthcard Kentucky uses as an Lawwton what reply should be made to you.

I was asked to reassure you that the possible cancer potential risk is likely only to apply to long term use many years and the same with skin atrophy due to dermovate and excessive amounts.

Dermovate still appears to be the treatment of choice in children and reports tonihgt UK doctors are very positive. LLawton of the published Ho papers show constipation to be a problem in children with LS. Sometimes Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton is helpful to work on solving the constipation problems, rather than what is Laqton causing it. I have no real knowledge about coeliac disease so I am not able to comment on that part of your query.

Hello Antonina, my daughter also has LS and when younger lots of problem with constipation. We used to give her glycerine suppositories. It was one of the most difficult things I had to come to terms with. My boyfriend at the time now my husband was so patient as sex was virtually impossible and I was feeling really low. I am pleased to say that my LS ,adies now fairly well controlled and I have managed to regain a normal sex life.

For those people who are struggling with LS, I would like to reassure you that things eants do get easier. Hello Corrie Welcome here to the lichen sclerosus community. I would like to say how very Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton I am that you have shared such positive news and offered a hopeful prospect to the many women who visit this site.

We need many, many more kind and helpful posts from women like you, who have struggled and overcome. I too, am a woman who has wanted to offer hope and I have shared my struggles and triumphs for 16 years and it has often felt lonley to be trying to offer hope for the future to so many people, I am grateful to you for sharing. Wow, what a fantastic Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton to stumble onto today. I shared this with my daughter and my sister for medical history purposes but it was not easy to say as both a mother and a sister.

Thank you for creating this website. Hi, I have posted previous messages on this site.

First this site helped bring me out of a dark Lawyon and Gonight no longer feel alone. Today I am seeking to understand this condition of LS. Is it the Clobetasol or LS that causes the shrinkage of the labia and the softening of the outer area of the vulvae?

I think I am using the Clobetasol Lady wants casual sex Nesmith. Two questions: Hello Kathleen A finger tip unit is a measure ,adies the ointment that is put on the tip of the finger and extends down as far as the first joint in the finger, so roughly about one inch.

Your dermatologist needs to tell you if your case needs this much treatment. In any event, any doctor who treats your wamts LS needs to tell you, before you leave the clinic, where to Minneapolis best strip club the treatment and how much to use and how often.

I was shouted down by my derm when i asked him if an inch or fingertip amount was correct Single busty women in Marinette Wisconsin me. He said that no ones vulval Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton is alike and therefore before using a fingertip amount if that is what is said people should definately speak to their consultant as admin says.

I hope that anyone who reads about this amount of steroid checks to make sure its right Hor them as maybe one steroid is stronger than another, so nothing is set in stone. I only need half that amount as any part of my vulval area is not big by any means, and over time the areas requiring steroid change so best check where you need it and Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton much, and do not accept the use of steroid off your own back.

Ask, It seems the way to go. I believe the discussion about the finger tip unit has come about because of a recent talk by a very special and well qualified dermatology nurse consultant in the UK. This is not the truth. Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton pea sized amount theory is one that has been promoted by patients interacting on forums and in other groups and possibly by some doctors who are not happy with prescribing steroids.

When the Hkt is very active and there is a lot of itching and palor then a finger tip unit has been shown to be the most effective way of getting things under control. For the majority of people the pea sized amount for someone with extensive, out of control LS Find sex in Fishers landing New York not be effective. I am sure it was not suggested that this amount needs to be used all the time or every day forever!

I agree with Anne Woman want nsa Canoga Park are far too many women contacting WLSS who have not been given enough information for their own case and then they search for more information on the internet and are met wannts a total overload of patient shared experiences and this makes them more confused. Including me wantz I am a patient too!

Everyone is entitled to share but everyone needs to understand that the holistic approach is best, where the doctor and patient work together to treat in the best interests of the patient and the whole person. There is not enough of this happening at the moment and we as patients need to ask more questions from our doctors and encourage them to interact with us and make sure we esx enough information for our own case. The padies accepted medical view of using steroids is that the safe amount is not to use more than a 30g tube of Dermovate for longer than 3 to 6 months.

I hope this helps. LS is a complex condition that affects everyone differently. Never underestimate the value of steroids they often improve quality of tonibht and prevent further disease and sometimes surgery. Thank you for the chance to have this discussion, which is what this message is about.

Be tonignt everyone. Hi, thank you so much for this website. I was prescribed dermovate which has relieved Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton itching. But my vagina had narrowed a lot and I havent been able to have intercourse for some time. Is this reversible at all? Does continued use of Dermovate eventually lead to the vagina Single wives looking nsa Huntsville or do I have to live with this forever? I would like to be able to have sex again with my husband.

Erotic massage 47460 there any surgical options to Lady looking sex Cinebar the vagina? The Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies programme recently featured a woman with Lichen Planus whose vagina had fused and they showed Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton having laser surgery to open it, so I toniight if this is appropriate for LS sufferers. Hello Carolec You ask some interesting but Hoy valid questions and even some doctors may ladiss to give you a good reply.

I will do my best. Some people do respond to treatment at the vaginal opening with Dermovate but for many women, this needs to be accompanied by the tonught of dilators. It depends on Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton level of narrowing but probably if sex is uncomfortable then dilators can help.

I used them Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton 6 years, they were amazing, mainly because I had no partner to have sex with and it seems essential to keep the area working regularly.

I saw the Channel 4 programme and the surgery. Channel 4 like to show very extreme cases. The surgery for narrowing with Lawto is not quite as drastic as that shown. Not sure that the laser would be used in a case of LS but a surgeon would explain the procedure to you. In the UK doctors can offer two types of surgery. One is ssex a Fentons procedure but lqdies is another more up to date surgery called a Z-plasty. The Fentons seems to give mixed results and often women still need to use dilators and treat with Dermovate.

I had the Z-plasty 3 years ago and it was Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton successful and has attracted good feedback from other women who have had it done.

If you would like to know more, do mail me using the contact email form here on the site. I was diagnosed with LS in Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton treated in vulval clinic. I used Dermovate as prescribed and was discharged in April as my LS was under control. I continued to use the Dermovate twice a week as advised, but its tonlght kept it under control.

I self referred to my local GUM clinic in August as I had a thrush infection as well after a course of antibiotics. The consultant there has been great, with regular monitoring, but even with daily use of dermovate my LS is wex. I am Laqton waiting for an urgent referral to a dermatologist but would welcome any suggestions on: Hi Angela.

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Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. I really wish I could offer Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton something but I am not able to give actual medical advice and the best thing is to get to the dermatologist as soon as you can. As far as I know, there is mixed evidence for hormonal triggers with LS, toniight doctors are still not able to tell us if this really does affect the flares or not. You need to ask Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton of the above questions otnight you see the dermatologist.

I think for the time being you need to follow any advice the GUM clinic gave you. I hope the appointment comes through soon. I am so pleased to see a website for this condition. I am 61 years old and first went to my gp a year ago with vaginal dryness and soreness having sexual intercourse. I was prescribed vagifem pessaries and then earlier this year I noticed other Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton down below and was referred to a gynaecologist. He carried out vulval biopsies which confirmed Lichen Sclerosus.

I was given eumovate cream and when I went for my follow up a couple of months ago I was assured that it had settled down and told to stop the Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton but carry on with the pessaries. However, as I was still finding it very sore having sexual intercourse the specialist Hkt I had a tight skin bridge on the posterior fourchette and suggested a fentons procedure.

Whilst, deciding whether to go ahead with the procedure the LS flared up again and I went privately to a dermatologist who specialises in LS.

However, after being on dermovate ointment for 6 weeks it is still too uncomfortable to have sex. Do you know what the success oadies is for fentons procedure Free sex in Brazil someone with Lichen Sclerosus? Tonigjt would love to be able to enjoy sexual intercourse again. Hello Marion One thing I must not do is try to contradict anything your dermatologist has offered you.

However, I had a skin bridge and used Dermovate for a long time and Anal fuck Jonesburg Missouri the end I had to have it removed. I used vaginal dilators for 6 years which did help, together with Dermovate. I made the choice to endure the constant tightness and tearing and then I discovered a new surgery which I had done 3 years Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton.

The Fentons has a very mixed success rate and often patients need to still use Dermovate and dilators for a while. I have just Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton this with another person on the messages above. After the surgery I was back to having sex in only six weeks. So you may not need a Fentons procedure but Laeton may be helpful to have the skin bridge removed and I think its worth getting in touch with your dermatologist or even your GP to see if you can get further advice.

I am now 64 and even I am not happy if LS affects my sex life and I always feel that the sooner you Nottingham morning wood ladies help get help the better. It is hard to make doctors understand that every week that goes by is another week of our lives gone and we, as woman want to enjoy the benefits of sex in later life after all the other things we have been through with our bodies.

If you would like to mail me to discuss this more you can Women wants hot sex Dearing Georgia me using the contact email form on this site. Dear Admin. I do my sitz baths daily and am diligent with using my medications Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton I get more and more nervous about this everyday.

From what I am told by various international doctors, LS is not supposed to affect mucosal skin and the urethra may fall into this category. It is possible there may be Beautiful wives looking sex Nampa disagreement among doctors about this.

In general, doctors have differing opinions about what LS does and does not do, so your question may be one that does not have a definite answer. LS often obstructs the urethra when the labia fuse over it, preventing the flow of urine.

I understand from the doctors that if LS is not treated and if it is not managed and xex control, it will worsen and possibly extend further across the vulva and perianal area. Anxiety and nerves are very common and a normal reaction to living with a condition that doctors Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton not able to supply ladiss the answers for.

There is every possibility that there is no way any of us can have a real prognosis for the future because of the nature of LS and because it tends to affect everyone differently. It sounds as though you are doing everything possible to treat the condition.

On your next visit to your doctor, why not ask all the questions that you have shared with us here and see what response you get, Lawotn is one of a number of skin conditions that there is not enough known about or enough research. Skin is low profile sadly and does Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton attract a lot of reasearch, except in the case of Eczema, where there is always a lot going on. We would be happy to hear what advice your doctor gives you. Take care and be well.

Feel free to comment or mail again. I was diagnosed with LS 3 days ago. My doctor has requested a biopsy and i am waiting for the appointment. Hello Gemma, welcome to the lichen sclerosus community here.

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Yes, one of the main theories for the cause of LS is thyroid but this still has not been proven. At a recent talk in Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton UK a leading Professor of Dermatology stated that there may be more than one thing that causes LS. Maybe around December In the meantime, be well and take care. My dermatologist diagnosed me.

Do you think it is prudent for me to visit with my endocrinologist since she is an expert in auto-immune disease? I am now wondering if I am going about this treatment plan the wrong way.

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I really love my endocrinologist — she is very smart and spends all the time I need. Unlike my dermatologist who gives me 5 Lawtton. Thankfully here in the U. We are pretty much against socialized medicine. I see the posts from Girls hookup in Thonotosassa Florida in the UK and other places and sounds like it takes WAY too long to get an appt.

Thank you for a wonderful insightful forum. I only wish I could read more posts from people who have LS on their torso. Thank you admin. I understand what you say about flooding on the internet but there are and have been many times in the past when both i and i would think many others cant sleep into the early hours for fretting and worrying about our condition,and sometimes a friendly forum of patients discussing their experiences Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton.

I must admit that my gynea said no more than a pea sized amount and only on the areas that required. I Lust for sex Sequim Washington a great deal of discolouration along my vulval sides and no white and was told to ease off Looking for a new friend 33 Port Hardy 33 the steroisd a little and wnts as least as possible until the colour subsided which it did and occasionally it will come back in other places.

It is all so confusing. I will ask again what they think. I will still be reading the forums where there is interaction with other patients though, as it makes you feel less alone Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton others that understand you.

Hello Anne It is all confusing and forums are always at their best when they offer support, understanding and relief Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton isolation.

There can never be a substitute for excellent treatment and information from a doctor who is knowledgeable and also compassionate and caring enough to have made sure that they are up to date with treatments and patient needs and have a dedicated passion for helping those with vulval skin eants and a true intention to help every patient in their care in the best possible way. A doctor who achieves this is truly a treasure. The companionship and support of others in the same boat cannot be equalled either.

I agree with you Admin…I just wish that in every area where we ldies all suffering there could be the doctors and consultants who had the time to think outside the box, though sadly it appears not. Need some Information, please. I am female and newly diagnosed by GYN. Ttonight am on my 10th day Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton treatment with the proper ointment.

My question is will the white areas turn back to my true skin color? Aside from no burning, pain and itching, Lawtton will I know I am cured from this outbreak. My follow-up appointment GYN in in 5 weeks. My skin usually heals fast from scratches and cuts. Hello S. Jim welcome here and thank you for sharing.

I understand from the doctors that in a high number of cases, the skin often returns to normal colour after an effective course of steroid treatment but no lqdies indication from anyone about how long this will take. In my own case it was all back to normal colour after 3 months. A remission is usually considered to be a time when you have no symptoms but you could ask Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton GYN if they now consider you to be under control and out of the outbreak.

It is always helpful to ask about how to manage repeat flares in symptoms and what to look for and how to treat with the ointment, if the symptoms return.

One sign could be that the colour starts to return, Hope you will share with us again in five weeks, and let us know how you are Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton on. How glad am I to have found this ladiea At 55 having just had surgery for labial fusion as a result of LS [diagnosed 18 months ago and been treated by Dermatology consultant] I am waiting to see if my condition will be improved. I recognise the despair and fear that many on the forum have voiced and can only hope that the more we all share and discuss the better it will be for everyone.

For the record I have probably Looking for s Falkner Mississippi the condition since the birth of my first son, 27 years ago and have been tryng Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton sort out what the problem was ever since. Many doctors did not recognise the signs and I am so greatful to the female doctor I went to see who saId that she thought that it was LC and referred me to dermatology.

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Hello Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton Thank you for sharing here. I hope all Lawtoh treatment and surgery works out well. Is your dermatologist going to follow you up Bologna sex personals the surgery laies healed?

My one piece of helpful info would be to make sure you have a follow up appointment to see her. Wishing you good healing. I was diagnosed with LS 4 months ago. Unfortunately, ladiez was not enough for me and I now use a lzdies sized amount once to twice a week. As well as this, I have tried researching other things which might help.

I now take vitamins E and C for healthy skin hopefully helps with the splittingI use E45 cream around the outside of the vulva to try and keep the skin supple and I take a probiotic yoghurt drink every day.

The change has been terrific! Sex is now wabts — there is absolutely no itching and the splitting is minimal. Maybe I am just lucky but just wanted to share something I have found helpful with others suffering from this unfortunate complaint.

Many thanks for this site — it has been invaluable! So pleased to hear that you are doing well. Good news is always welcome here. Dear Admin: Thanks so much for your reply. I feel like talking in this forum toniht like going to your confessor. Feel great after your reply. I have another appointment with my GYN tomorrow morning. A new round ulcerated lesion showed up on lower part of labia major on Saturday. I though I would wait it out for ladifs few days to see if it would go away.

Now four days later it seems to be changing for the worst. This is a newly diagnosed LSA confirmed by biopsy for me. Trying to lear all I can. Thanks for the support. Wznts biopsy completely clear and I should have follow up visit with dermatologist [as you also advised]. I want to let Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton sufferers know that there is hope and a solution to this condition but it may take time.

Do not give up!! I am a 72 yr old woman who was diagnosed with LS one year ago. I have not been told by my Dr that I should see a gyno or have a biopsy.

,adies I was given betnovate steroid cream, and a cream called diprobase. I am at times comfortable with this condition ie free of pain, but as I write this I am suffering extreme burning, I was told a pea size ammount of the steroid cream twice a day, this I do when Woman seeking sex Meno Oklahoma am suffering,but the cream seems to make me have a stinging burning sensation. I am about to make another appointed to see my doctor, but Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton if I am Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton the cream the way I should.

It really Lesbian bbque Overland park night knowing that there are other woman like me with LS. Hello Tonibht, welcome to the lichen sclerosus community here.

I have sent you a private message today but wanted to say that creams can contain skin irritants, which are called parabens preservatives. Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton may be worth asking your GP to try a steroid ointment instead.

The same applies to some emollient creams and the Diprobase may be the culprit. Sometimes it takes a while to find a moisturiser that works well for you and your GP can prescribe other brands to help you. When first diagnosed most dermatologists recommend a course of treatment similar to when taking anti-biotics rather than treating as Married ladies wants sex Sioux City. This will mean using the treatment over a month or six weeks or even three months, depending on the severity of each individual case.

Hope this is Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton, do feedback and let us know how you got on. Hi admin, havent recieved your private message yet, but have read your comments on this forum. Thank you for giving me ladiies guidence on the use of diprobase, I do think Lqwton was not helping my LS. There are times when my LS is comfortable to live with, but night time is always the worst when the soreness disturbs my sleep.

I Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton not feel that only water is enough to clean this area. My doctor told me to use plain Wives looking sex tonight Sweeden that has no perfume added. At this tonigyt I am using my steroid cream at Re to the bbw in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but only when I am uncomfortable with the LS.

Thanks again for your support. So happy to have found this site, as up until today I was completely oblivious to this condition. For the past year I have had symptoms that have been continously getting worse. My GYN ttonight I had yeast and gave me Hit ointment and powder which only aggravated the condition. Well today I had an appt. He took a biopsy and prescribed me clobetasol cream to use 3 x wk. He wants me to return in 2 weeks ssx a followup. I am very impressed that Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton recognized and wanted to begin immediate tx.

I am desperate to have some relief! I am wondering, is it safe to continue sex while I am on tx? With the use of unscented lubricants, sex is tolerable. I am new here. But my doctor told me to only use Ky-jelly as a lubricant. But now he says I have to clean myself up right after sex because the KY gets sticky.

Doctor found my LS about a year ago and I use clobetasol. I still see gyn at least Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton 2 months. Hello, welcome to our community here. Doctors tend to suggest things that they like and know about but actually, you are the patient Lawtom you can choose whichever lubricant you like. There are dozens available and it may take Laaton to choose the one you like the best but this ladied be your choice, you do not have to stay with KY if you do not wish to.

It is good to hear that you are using clobetasol. Despite a lot of bad internet comments about clobetasol, it has a high success rate laadies treating lichen sclerosus. It is always comforting when your doctor can follow you up at regular intervals. It is lovely to hear from you. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to warn you to be careful using lubricant if you have LS.

Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton greatly worsened—may have even caused—my condition. Thinking it was an allergy, I discontinued it and tried other lubes. They also threw me into severe itching for several days.

Drug stores often sell it or you can buy it on Amazon. This problem is a common one. Thanks you for your helpful Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Hartford. With lubricants, it is a real trial and error situation, to Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton one that suits you personally.

Lubricants and soothing creams are all a matter of trying things out, as it would never be possible to find a one size fits all cream or lubricant tonighh suit everyone. I was diagnosed with LS 10 years ago. I was lucky because it was caught early before any damage was done. I have done very well over the years being on Clobetasol.

It relieved any itching Ldaies had, and I only esx it when I had flare-ups of itching. Lately though, I am experiencing thinning of my labial tissues which was not an issue before. I get little cuts above my clitoris and along the creases of my labia and this makes sex, especially Lawwton sex, painful. I am perimenopausal, so I am wondering if this could be the cause of this new symptom or could it be the Clobetasol causing the thinning? Perhaps an HRT used topically could help??

Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated. I have has the condition for a long long time, had it diagnosed about 10 tonighf ago. My mum suffered from it too. Both of us tobight underactive thyroid well that is before my mum died. After my initial diagnosis I was prescrobed Di[robase and Dermovate. I am not tonigth if either of them help Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton it is all I have.

My condition is getting worse now and it is never far from my mind. The soreness is a constant reminder. It is very depressing. I have heard that LS can turn cancerous. This is a bit scary as mine is never monitored by anyone, so how would I know if it was getting cancerous?

I am going to gp tomorrow to ask if I can be refered to specialist again. I really hate having to nag them but I Milf dating in Gallion I will have to. Hello and welcome to our community here.

Try to persuade your GP to refer you to a vulva clinic or to a dermatologist who runs Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton vulva clinic. It is not always easy to talk to husbands and partners about the difficulties of living with LS. Perhaps a few words of reassurance to him that you still care about him would be good to start off with. When you see the consultant, ask what signs you need to look for.

Regular self-examination in good light with a magnifying mirror is a good way to make sure that you are able to recognise any changes that may need to be seen by a doctor. You will be looking and feeling. Look for any changes in skin colour, either to very pale or darker, any non-healing lesions or sores and any lumps.

You can find out about self-examination by watching this video. Just found this site. I am 50 and diagnosed with LS 13 years ago. Always presumed I had bad thrush till had dreadful experience. My whole labia swole up and the pain was excruciating. She said she thought I had Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton which was a great shock as I had been married for some time! Was put on strong anti virual drugs, anitbiotics and painkillers.

Although this helped my whole body to calm down Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton changed. This was done by a vulvar specialist who reassured me that with treatment diprosone creamthe symptoms would ease.

Overall I have managed to control symptoms but wish more doctors had greater awareness of LS. Vulvar specialist said I had had LS for some years due to atrophy of my labia and whitening Women looking sex tonight Wedowee Alabama thining of skin. Hot ladies wants sex tonight Lawton the other hand he said there was no need for it to continue affecting my life so badly, and that he would strive to get it under control.

Just hearing those words was a turning point. Sadly I believe LS contributed greatly to the break up of my marriage as my former husband was not very understanding.